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Kits have been made for most Air Excellent duct accessories to make installation even easier because the installer doesn’t have to think about ordering the various duct seals. They are available for all duct connectors and bends and include the required seal and click rings. Please note that extra seals and click rings must be ordered separately to connect the ducts to the distribution boxes and supply and extract valve adaptors, i.e. 2 per duct run. Please also note that the Air Excellent BIM models only use the Air Excellent kits if/when duct connectors and bends are used in the 3D design.



The Air Excellent System brochure
The Air Excellent System flyer


Duct accessory kits | AE34C
Duct accessory kits | AE48C
Duct accessory kits | AE35SC
Duct accessory kits | AE45SC
Duct accessory kits | AE55SC
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