Air Excellent | 200 series distribution boxes


Injected-moulded plastic distribution boxes are an integral part of Ubbink’s Air Excellent air distribution system and form the hubs for air supply and extract in domestic ventilation systems. Air restrictor rings in the distribution boxes can be used to set the nominal flow rate in each duct run. Designers and installers can use Ubbink’s online commissioning tool to calculate how many rings to cut out for each duct run. The air restrictor rings are very easy and quick to install, which will save a lot of valuable time on-site compared to traditional methods of commissioning ventilation systems.

Features & benefits
  • 6, 8, 12 or 16 connections
  • Stepped adaptor for mass flow ductwork 125-150-160-180mm
  • Can be used with all 6 Air Excellent duct types
  • Airtight class D (+/- 2,000Pa according to EN12237)
  • Low pressure loss
  • Lightweight and safe to handle
  • Quick and precise commissioning of total system using air flow restrictors in the distribution boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested according to TÜV SÜD Standard TAK 01-2013
The following 200 series distribution boxes are available:
  • 200 Series Distribution Box | DB206
  • 200 Series Distribution Box | DB208




BIM | Instruction manual
BIM | Ubbink Air Excellent template
BIM | DB206 with horizontal adaptor 125
BIM | DB206 with vertical adaptor 125
BIM | DB208 with vertical adaptor 180
BIM | 2xDB206 vertical installation 125
BIM | 2xDB206 horizontal installation 180
BIM | 2x DB208 vertical installation 180
BIM | DBox adaptor - AE23C
BIM | DBox adaptor - AE48C
BIM | DBox adaptor - AE55SC
BIM | DBox connector 100/125
BIM | DBox connector 125/180
BIM | DBox flow restrictor
BIM | DBox closing cap


The Air Excellent System brochure
The Air Excellent System flyer


200 Series Distribution Box | DB206
200 Series Distribution Box | DB208
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