Air Excellent | Semi-Circular ductwork


The Air Excellent air distribution system can be used to distribute air for domestic, central mechanical ventilation systems with and without heat/cold recovery.
The Air Excellent system has several components:

Easy installation guaranteed
  • The ventilation unit is connected to the Air Excellent distribution boxes using insulated, mass flow ductwork and/or sound attenuators.
  • The semi-rigid Air Excellent ducts are rolled out from the distribution boxes to the habitable rooms and wet rooms; preferably in single pieces.
  • The mechanical connections used to connect the ducts to the distribution boxes and duct accessories are not only airtight, but much easier, quicker and cleaner to install than using sealants and/or adhesive tape. This ensures that the ductwork system remains airtight and the ventilation unit doesn’t have to work harder than is necessary and by doing so waste energy and produce more sound/make more noise than is necessary to ventilate ‘right’.
  • Designers and installers can use Ubbink’s online commissioning tool to calculate how many rings to cut out for each duct run. The air restrictor rings are very easy and quick to install, which will save a lot of valuable time on-site compared to traditional methods of commissioning ventilation systems.


Features & benefits

  • Easy, safe and quick installation using plastic ductwork, duct on a roll and mechanical connections
  • Airtight class D (+/- 2,000Pa according to EN12237)
  • Low system pressure loss by smooth inner surfaces and radial design
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Quick and precise commissioning of total system using air flow restrictors in the distribution boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested according to TÜV SÜD Standard TAK 01-2013

Duct types

Ubbink’s Air Excellent air distribution has the following different duct types:

Product Name

Duct cross-section

Dimension [mm]

[m3/h] at [3m/s] 

Anti-microbial resistant



50 x 100





50 x 140





60 x 130






BIM | Instruction manual
BIM | Ubbink Air Excellent template
BIM | Connector AE45SC
BIM | Horizontal bend AE45SC
BIM | Vertical bend AE45SC
BIM | Valve adaptor AE35SC 90°
BIM | Valve adaptor AE35SC 180°
BIM | Valve adaptor AE45SC 90°
BIM | Valve adaptor AE55SC 90°
BIM | Valve adaptor AE55SC 180°
BIM | Adaptor AE34C-AE35SC
BIM | Adaptor AE48C-AE55SC
BIM | Adaptor AE34C-AE45SC
BIM | Horizontal adaptor AE35SC-AE55SC
BIM | Vertical adaptor AE35SC-AE55SC
BIM | Floor grille adaptor AE35SC
BIM | Floor grille adaptor AE45SC
BIM | Floor grille adaptor AE45SC to 2xAE34c
BIM | Floor grille adaptor AE55SC
BIM | Connector AE35SC-AE55SC
BIM | DBox adaptor - AE55SC
BIM | Click and seal ring AE35SC-AE55SC
BIM | Universal wall bracket
BIM | Valve cap AE35SC-AE55SC
BIM | End cap AE45SC


The Air Excellent System brochure
The Air Excellent System flyer


Air Excellent Semi-Circular ductwork | AE35SC
Air Excellent Semi-Circular ductwork | AE45SC
Air Excellent Semi-Circular ductwork | AE55SC
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