Haelix - Supply and extract valves


design_valve_assembly_Round-in-bedroom.jpgThe Haelix is suitable for installation in walls and ceilings and can be combined with Ubbink’s Air Excellent DN125 valve adaptors or any other valve adaptor with nominal sizes of DN125. The Haelix fits to all interior lifestyles due to its elegant and universal design.

For the air supply, the integrated fan-shaped air distributor ensures a broad air distribution in the habitable rooms to make maximum use of the so-called Coanda effect. After commissioning of the Air Excellent system and when the restrictor rings are set, the Haelix is easily installed by inserting the EPDM seal-ring side into the valve adaptor, warranting a leakage free connection. The Haelix includes an additional 9-stage air restrictor to accommodate unforeseen system deviations due to installation changes and to create the highest compatibility with any other ventilation system.

Features & benefits

  • For both air supply and air extract applications
  • Elegant and timeless design
  • Round and square version
  • Plain installation
  • Fan-shaped distributor for enhanced air supply
  • Dirt deposit prevention level



The Haelix brochure


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