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Straightforward, effective air distribution

The Air Excellent air distribution system is ductwork designed to distribute air for central mechanical ventilation systems with (and without) heat recovery used to ventilate residential and small commercial buildings. The Air Excellent system has several components:
  • Semi-rigid ductwork, in various circular and semi-circular variants
  • Complete portfolio of accessories, including rigid 90˚ horizontal and vertical bends, connectors, seal-rings, valve adapters etc…
  • Distribution boxes
  • Supply and extract valves and grills

Easy installation guaranteed
The ventilation unit is connected to the distribution boxes using insulated mass flow ducts and silencers and the semi-rigid duct is rolled out to supply fresh air to the habitable rooms and extract stale, moist from the wet rooms. The accessories make it possible to make air tight connections without using adhesive tape, fix the semi-rigid duct to the floor, suspend it from ceilings, make shallow bends around obstacles and make sharp horizontal and vertical bends if required.
The air flow rate in each duct run is determined by air flow restrictors in the distribution box and a configurator is available which can be used to determine how many rings to cut out of the air flow restrictors.

Air Excellent advantages at a glance
  • For domestic and small commercial buildings
  • Hassle-free design and installation
  • Quick and precise commissioning of total system and flow restrictors
  • Strong outer surface for damage-free installation
  • Smooth inner surface for a long-term clean system
  • Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties
  • Complete set of accessories available for all ductwork
The distribution boxes
The distribution box is an important part of the air distribution system. It controls the air capacity of the duct runs within the system. To control the air flow per duct run, adjustable air flow restrictors are mounted at the ductwork connections in the distribution box.

The 800 Series distribution boxes

The 200 Series distribution boxes

Features & performance distribution boxes

  • Superior system performance due to low pressure loss
  • 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24 duct run connections for all possible installations
  • Elimination of cross-talk and HRV-unit sound
  • Multiple mass flow ductwork connection possibilities with EPDM seal-ring and bayonet-locking
  • Easy to clean the system and re-arrange the flow restrictors (renovation)


Available dimensions
Air Excellent comes in 6 different dimensions enabling all practical installation options. The dimensions are:

Product Name Duct type Dimension [mm] Capacity per duct run [m3/h] *
AE35SC Semi-Circular 50 x 100 33
AE45SC Semi-Circular 50 x 140 45
AE55SC Semi-Circular 60 x 130 58
AE23C Circular 63 23
AE34C Circular 75 34
AE48C Circular 90 48

* based on an air velocity of 3 m/s.

Better air quality

The Air Excellent semi-rigid ductwork is manufactured with a smooth innerlayer that can contain anti-static and anti-bacterial properties. These properties minimize dust adherence and battles bacteria that may be present in the air distribution system. Air Excellent with anti-static and anti-bacterial properties therefore contributes to a higher indoor air quality. Air Excellent semi-rigid ductwork without these premium properties are also available.



Air Excellent Overview | English
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200 Series Distribution Box | DB206
200 Series Distribution Box | DB208
800 Series Distribution Box | DB824

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