Ubiflex is an ultimately recyclable, non-toxic non-lead roof flashing with no scrap value, which can be used for most applications for which lead is traditionally used, but is much easier, safer and quicker to dress than lead sheet.
Ubiflex is an aluminium mesh reinforced with either a granular-coated bitumen or silicone and can be supplied in 4 versions:
  • B3: bitumen 3.5mm thick
  • B3 ribbed: bitumen 3.5mm thick with a ribbed edge
  • B2: bitumen 2.3mm thick
  • Extreme: silicone 2.5mm thick
The underside of B3 and B2 has a kraft paper and film backing. Extreme is doubled-sided, i.e. silicone on both sides.

Ubiflex Instruction movie

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