Ubbink introduces the Haelix elegant supply & extract valves

Ubbink announces the availability of the new Haelix air supply and air extract valves to further expand its ventilation portfolio of comfortable indoor air distribution products.
Haelix-Campaign-Image-01.pngWith the Haelix, Ubbink introduces its first own developed ventilation valve. A perfectly installed system is silent, avoids air draft in the habitable rooms and delivers the required air volume. Optimal cooperation of the heat recovery unit, the air restrictors and the valves is therefore essential. Wilma Haanappel, Director of Product Management for Ubbink starts: “getting an optimal operating ventilation system is more complex than it seems. There are many adjustable valves on the market but setting the right air capacity is key. With Ubbink’s Air Excellent air distribution system, we offer precise commissioning but we know that in many installations a little tuning at the valve is convenient for the installer. The Haelix accommodates that extra functionality with a simple 9-stage tuning ring”. She adds: “and the 9-stage tuning ring is a semi-fixed solution which isn’t so easy to detune like the valves that come with a threaded metal fixation”.

Air draft in habitable rooms is a well-known issue. Occupants have no influence on the location of valves but are experiencing inconvenience. The air distributor inside the Haelix has to prevent discomfort. Haanappel continues: “the fan-shaped air distributor is in fact applied science of the so-called coandă effect where air or fluids that emerge from an opening tend to follow an adjoining flat or curved surface. With the Haelix we make use of this phenomenon to distribute the air to a larger area”.

The Haelix valves will be available as the Haelix Rondo and Haelix Quadro, respectively a round and square version and both come in RAL9010 white.

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