Air Excellent air distribution system

Central mechanical ventilation systems use air distribution systems to supply fresh, clean air to habitable rooms and extract stale, moist air from wet rooms. Trunk and branch metal and rigid plastic ductwork systems in residential buildings are being replaced by radial ductwork systems with manifolds and semi-rigid plastic ducts on a roll like Air Excellent. Air Excellent, with its wide range of modular manifolds and duct types, sets the highest standard for both installed performance and ease of installation. It is the only TÜV SÜD certified air distribution system on the market and its class D/ATC 2 airtightness, which is achieved by its airtight mechanical connections, minimises the fan energy use and sound production of mechanical ventilation units. The names of the Air Excellent ducts, e.g. AE34C, represent their airflow (m3/h) at an air velocity of 3 m/s, which is the maximum air flow/velocity we would advise in the ducts to minimise the risk of sound production, which may be experienced as noise hindrance.

  • Low system pressure loss due to radial design
  • Airtightness class D/ATC 2 up +/- 2000 Pa, which minimises fan energy use and sound production
  • Modular manifolds, which can be used with all duct types
  • Semi-rigid ducts on a roll and airtight mechanical connections, which are extremely easy to install
  • TÜV SÜD and ISEGA tested and certified, REACH compliant

Ventilation ductwork system components

Air Excellent is a ductwork system used to distribute air for central mechanical ventilation systems with energy recovery in residential and light commercial buildings.

The Air Excellent system has the following components:
  • Distribution boxes; one for supply and one for extract
  • Semi-rigid plastic ducts
  • Various duct accessories, e.g. connectors, bends and valve adaptors
  • Supply and extract valves and floor grilles

Air Excellent air distribution system

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