• Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

  • Building

    When building a home, there are many aspects that we take into account. Below you will find our building solutions.

About Ubbink

Shifting focus

These are exciting times. Our world is changing rapidly. The population continues to grow and our work is undergoing profound changes. We put theories of sustainable living into practice while using state of the art technology and driving change in building solutions. Our focus on business is changing from delivering high quality products to delivering total solutions and services.

The new Ubbink brand story

Read about our new brand story in the Ubbink brand brochure. You can view our story also in our new Ubbink brand movie.

Our new role

The role of building professionals is crucial. They are the designers of our changing world. Without them, there will be no change.

Whether you are an installer, consultant, prescriber or roofer, all eyes are on installation and building professionals to realize sustainable homes. Together we will have to raise the efficiency of the total construction chain. This urges Ubbink to keep up with technology and respond to changing building regulations, driven by developments like energy efficiency measures.

With the construction process digitising more and more, design and installation routines have to be reviewed. Availability of qualified personnel is becoming scarce; this calls for a different approach to meet installation challenges.

Our transformation into the future

Staying ahead of the game in exciting and challenging markets is key for warranting a prosperous future. In addition to our advanced product range, building professionals can connect with Ubbink for everything required to solve the day-to-day complex challenges.

We want to support you and do it together. When pressed for time, knowledge and reliability, we are your trusted, forward thinking and acting partner to lean on.

We want to take responsibility

Sustainability is the credo. More than ever, new technologies and integrated solutions are necessary to ensure energy is used responsibly and the use of fossil fuels is reduced.
We make conscious choices.
We engage to corporate social responsibility and want to contribute positively in the fields of society, economy and environment. All our companies act with different programs in these attention fields.
We are proud and diverse.
We are highly committed to continuous improvements and we work on achieving results. That makes us feel proud. We work in multi-cultural and diverse teams and we fully want to use the potential of our collective talents.

A call for intelligent simplicity

Ubbink has been a leader in the industry since its inception. Ubbink adds value by offering practical and targeted total solutions while avoiding waste at the same time. There is a benefit for everything and everyone: the professional in building technology, the end user, our living environment, and our planet.

Ubbink has embraced Lean Manufacturing. It’s in the organisation’s DNA.Everything Ubbink develops and manufactures, is focussed on intelligent simplicity. This drives us to think in solutions, education, and enhanced product availability to deliver a total positive experience.

We are Ubbink. Build smart.
We believe total solutions will be the most important added value in construction technology in the next decade.Roel CalsManaging Director | Ubbink Centrotherm Group

Smart solutions for complex challenges

We believe that we contribute to sustainable improvement of buildings. We develop our products for three important product groups: Energy, Ventilation and Building.
While we undisputedly deliver high quality, innovative and reliable products, we support you beyond products with clever services. We help you with deciding what solutions to use; we assist with complex calculations and make sure that everyone knows how to implement our solutions correctly. We provide clear onsite and online instructions and take care of proper education.

Our people

Always raising the bar. Whether it’s developing new solutions, rolling up the sleeves in the factory, delivering your products in time or answering your urgent questions. We at Ubbink are always ready for you. Our people are the personification of the Ubbink brand: smart and ready for the future.
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A forward thinking partner to lean on

Ubbink has been supplying innovative solutions to professionals in the construction industry for more than a century. Characterised by their ease of installation, effectiveness, sustainably and circularity, our technological innovations have been developed with and for you to overcome the increasingly complex global challenges to protect buildings from the weather and heat, cool and ventilate them ever more effectively and sustainably.

Sustainability is standard

The world is facing some complex challenges. Population growth and climate change require faster and cheaper. Sustainable construction and Near Zero Energy Buildings are becoming the standard. Installers and builders play a crucial role in realization. Ubbink collaborates and develops smart, safe and more efficient solutions to meet the increasingly complex challenges.