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Ubiflex solves another waterproof flashing problem!

Ubiflex B3 replaces stolen lead from Milton Keynes College.


D Haynes Roofing, based in Milton Keynes were contacted to help resolve the issue of lead theft from Milton Keynes College and called upon Ubbink's expertise.

D Haynes Roofing wanted a premium and quality lead replacement product for the job and after conversations with their local Regional Manager Iain Richards, Ubiflex B3 Non Lead Flashing and accessories were selected to replace the abutment flashing (as shown in image) step flashings and chimney aprons. Dave from D Haynes Roofing complimented Ubiflex saying " the rolls were nice and light so easy to move around during the install. Easy to use on step flashings which made the whole process so much quicker for us. Overall a very good lead replacement