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  • Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

  • Building

    When building a home, there are many aspects that we take into account. Below you will find our building solutions.


Ubbink's Non Lead Flashing range consists of two materials; UBIFLEX is a non lead flashing which can be used in most applications where Lead is traditionally used and comes with a range of fixings and adhesives to ensure the flashing is sealed and watertight and UBIFORM is a another form of non lead flashing material, but fully adhesive so ideal for repairs and edging.

  • BBA certificate covering Ubiflex Standard with a 25 year guarantee
  • Up to 50% quicker to install - ease of dressing and can be installed in full roll lengths
  • No toxic risk - environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Up to 80% lighter than lead - easier to handle
  • No scrap value, reducing risk of theft and damage to sites
Ubiflex Non Lead Flashing


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