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  • Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

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    When building a home, there are many aspects that we take into account. Below you will find our building solutions.

Adaptor Connection Vepac 100mm

Article number: 294605

Adaptor Connection Vepac 100mm

Article number: 294605

Ubbink's range of adaptors allow on-site conversion for our popular tile and slate vents to terminals all tested to British Standards and Regulations. Vepac connector & lower pipe converts the UB11 vent to a UB39 terminal


    Article number294605
    GTIN / EAN8713645195971
    Price10.61 GBP
    Valid from01/01/2021
    Trade nameVepac


    Net weight0.92 kg




    Gross weight1 kg
    Number per packaging10
    Packaging of unitUnpacked