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  • Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

  • Building

    When building a home, there are many aspects that we take into account. Below you will find our building solutions.

Terminals and seals

Ubbink have a wide range of terminals for both pitched/flat roofs and wall to extract air from your ventilation systems, small or large. With a variety of diameters, profiles and finishes we have a terminal suitable for your design with the high effiency ratings. To reduce in airtight buildings the risk of infiltration, Ubbink offers a range of airtight seals suitable for ductwork from 80-200mm to prevent air leakage around the duct runs or cables.

  • Variety of terminals with duct diameters allowing connections up to 180mm
  • Stack terminals with very low Pascal ratings enabling termination from high performing fans
  • Terminals for flat roofs available with variable roof coverings
  • Indoor air quality sustained with terminals and airtight seals
  • Redution of air infiltration with use of seals

Terminals and seals

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