The 5 benefits of the Air Excellent air distribution system

What are the key benefits of the Air Excellent air distribution system? And what should I pay particular attention to for good ventilation? Here are the 5 benefits of Air Excellent.

Air excellent

1. Radial air distribution system

Many traditional ventilation systems have a main duct with branches to the different rooms. With the Air Excellent air distribution system we work with Air Distribution boxes , where ducts are connected separately to the valves . This ensures optimal air quality in the rooms. Furthermore, by working with a radial air distribution system you limit noise transmission from one room to another. With ventilation becoming increasingly more important as buildings are becoming more airtight and insulated the ducting network is key for distributing the dwellings air. 

2. Ease of installation

Because Air Excellent hoses are semi rigid and flexible, they can be used anywhere and are easy to conceal both in new construction and renovation. With various heights available you can easily go between the joists reducing the need to grind and saw as you would with other duct runs. We have also developed a handy crossing piece that allows you to easily cross channels or other disciplines. With a range or accessories suitable for all diameter ducts, this is a quick plug and play system saving time on installation. 

3. Antibacterial layer

As an additional option; our channels are smooth on the inside and provided with an antibacterial layer, there is no breeding ground for bacterial growth and fungi on the inside. The advantage of this is that the air in the rooms remains cleaner for longer ensuring clean fresh air at all times. 

4. Fixed setting

We use restriction rings to adjust our air distribution boxes . This allows you to set the valves to a fixed setting, so that you always have the right amount of air in each of the rooms. You can also choose to adjust the air flow via the valves, but as valves have regular maintenance (cleaning), you could lose the right setting and the system would no longer work optimally. If you set these via the restriction rings, the settings can never be changed unnoticed keeping the air flow constant.

5. Design valves

To complete the story is our Haelix valves!. These valves are available in a round and square model option with the advantage they can be used as both supply and extract valves. And the wide base plate gives you a beautiful finish on the ceiling and prevents black edges which could be caused from dirt which can be seen with other designs. A modern design to finish our roof to room system!

Air Excellent house

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