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Residential Ventilation Brochure

Residential Ventilation

Ubbink offers total solutions for residential ventilation: a unique position, that we’re extremely proud of. A complete Ubbink ventilation system consists of 5 parts, from the ventilation unit to the valve as a finishing element:

  • 1. Ubiflux heat recovery units: extremely compact wall- or ceiling-mounted ventilation units 
  • Air Excellent ventilation ductwork: flexible and modular
  • Aerfoam insulated mass flow ductwork: zero carbon footprint
  • Roof terminals and wall terminals: for flat and pitched roofs, insulated and non-insulated
  • Haelix inlet and outlet valves: circular and square designs

We are the only manufacturer that produces all parts completely in-house, with this unique position we can provide you with quickly accessible, accurate and reliable data about our ventilation systems.

Want to find out more? Download the brochure today! 

Aerfoam Brochure


With Aerfoam, Ubbink continues to build the market standard for rustproof, airtight and easy to install ductwork systems for ventilation, heating and cooling.. Aerfoam is the latest evolution of Ubbink’s popular range of insulated ductwork that now has a zero carbon footprint. 

They are available in a large range of diameters and bends. Several accessories including terminals and airtight external duct seals complete the program.

Take a look at our Brochure to understand how it could work for your project, including technical and performance data.

non-lead flashing brochure

Non-Lead Flashing- Ubiflex Standard & Ubiform

Ubbink’s non-lead waterproof flashing range provides practical, easy-to-install solutions for applications where lead is traditionally used, such as changes of direction and materials. With no lead, they have no scrap value and are therefore an ideal way to combat the perennial problem of lead theft from roofs.

With this brochure & leaflet we include advantages of using the Ubiflex, design guidelines, certification and examples of the product in use on site. 

Air Excellent brochure

Air Excellent

A smart system is an effective system.  Radial ductwork systems differ from traditional trunk and branch ductwork systems by running ducts between a distribution box and each habitable and wet room. The distribution box is then connected to a ventilation unit using mass flow ductwork and a silencer.

This technical brochure provides a clear understanding of the Air Excellent product range, features and benefits, how to achieve healthy air in every room, and assisting with design and installs as well as an overview of the full range, sizes and more! 

Roofing leaflet

Roofing Products

Are you looking for quality Roofing products? Whether you're looking for pitched or flat roof options, profiled tile vents, universal terminals for a bathroom extract, or you are in need of roofline and dry fix options for a new build development. We have a comprehensive range of products to enable you to meet current British Standards. 

This compact brochure offers you all the information you need to make the right choice! Including, Ventilation regulation, technical data and more!

finio leaflet

Ubiflex Finio

Ublifex Finio is a part of our non-lead flashing solution, it is a high quality, versatile lead replacement to create watertight connections for buildings. You are ensured to have a quick and easy installation and it delivers an outstanding performance. It features a fully adhesive backing, with a two-part butyl strip for convenient handling during application.

This handy leaflet supplies all the information you need to assist your decision making and installing process, including questions you may have, install tips, technical information and QR Code links to our Youtube page!