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Ub11 install for a slate roof

Dry verge install. ambi hands, batten bracket, starter unit - Roofing

June 2021

Dry Verge System


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The project: 

This case study highlights the collaboration between BPR Roofing Services and Ubbink on a project in Barnsley. BPR Roofing Services entrusted Ubbink with utilising their Dry verge system for the project. The case study emphasises a perfect example of Ubbink's Ambi hands, along with the batten bracket featuring a 30mm overhang, eliminating the need for on-the-job measurements. The outcome of the project left BPR Roofing Services very pleased.

Features and Benefits of the Dry Verge System:

Ubbink's Universal Dry Verge system offers a modern alternative to the conventional mortar verges prone to cracking and frequent repairs. Our system, rigorously tested by BRE, ensures a durable and reliable verge solution. Its swift and straightforward installation process, along with its superior performance, provides comprehensive solutions for secure roof fixing. The starter unit serves as a stable anchor point for the system and can be installed with or without the gutter, accommodating roof pitches of up to 55 degrees.

  • Each ambi unit has a water drip channel, preventing water staining
  • Suits popular profile roof tiles with a batten gauge range of 255mm to 355mm
  • Suits the thin leading edge tile (additional cutting is required on ambi unit tabs)
  • The starter unit gives a positive fixing point for the system and can be installed either with or without the gutter in place
  • The batten bracket gives a secure fixing to the end of the batten. Also no measuring is required for the 30mm overhang of the batten as the batten bracket abuts a flush cut batten
  • Suits roof pitches up to 55°

Dry Verge System Components:

  • Ambi verge units
  • Half round/segmental or universal angled ridge end cap
  • Starter unit (incorporates closure)
  • Batten bracket