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Ubiflex Finio in use with Solar

Slate tile, solar install with alternative to lead flashing

March 2024

Ubiflex Finio

Bellway Homes, Centurion Chase, Wallsend


Fraser Roofing/Renewables

Regional Manager at Ubbink:

Chris Green

Ubbink were pleased to play a part in providing an integrated roofing solution for a segment of the homes in Centurion Chase, Wallsend. This collaboration involved Fraser Roofing, a leading installer/merchant, and property developer Bellway Homes. The project aims to deliver 215 residential properties in the North East, ranging from 2 - 5 bedroom homes. Our NEW Ubiflex Finio non lead flashing was supplied to ensure the watertightness of the properties featuring in-roof solar PV installations, highlighting the project's environmental commitment.

"The Ubiflex Roller makes it a lot easier to work with and the flashing is easy to cut and mould!"
Ubiflex Finio install with Solar on intall
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The Project:

Meeting the demand for sustainable housing, the project began sourcing roofing materials that integrated with solar panels keeping an aesthetically pleasing in roof finish. Ubiflex Finio emerged as one of the solutions to complete the project's roofing and solar panel integration requirements. Its ease of installation and compatibility with solar mounting systems such as the GSE system makes Ubbink's non lead flashing solutions the go to brand. 

Ubiflex Finio proved to be a versatile choice and it was specifically used as flashing around the solar panels to ensure watertight integrity. 

Fraser Roofing discussed with Regional Manager Chris Green, using Ubiflex Finio as a trial to see if this could also be a future solution across a subset of the homes. Despite the project's scale and varied requirements, Ubiflex Finio demonstrated adaptability and reliability so they were pleased with the results, stating 'it had a nice look, instead of other corrugated products and using this in the future will help installs go quicker with no need to keep returning to site to stick the flashing down with additional adhesive, as they have to currently do' .

Features and Benefits of using Ubiflex Finio: 

Ubiflex Finio is our newest addition to the Ubiflex Famiy. A high quality non-lead flashing, which can be used to waterproof buildings. It's unique double bonding makes this system ideal for solar installations. It is lightweight and malleable, allowing it to be easily formed into an infinite variety of shapes to form stepped flashings, abutment flashings, chimney flashings, pitched roof valley liners, dormer window flashings, rooflight and solar panel flashings. It can be dressed at temperatures as low as 5°C and it sticks to most materials.

  • Stone
  • Zinc
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Ceramic and concrete roof tiles
  • Wood
  • Plastic

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