15 August 2023

MVHR Units- New sizes available

MVHR Units

We have now expanded our MVHR units range by adding 2 new popular sizes, 450 & 600! This is an extension on our current sizes of 225, 325 & 400. 

Ubiflux Vigor wall units are very compact and energy efficient. The units are ready for direct assembly and do not require any adaptation on the site. Ubiflux Vigor units are available in left and right versions. All units are available with four top connections. The Ubiflux Vigor W325 and W400 are also available with 2 connections upper and 2 lower connections. For the maintenance and replacement of filters, you can rely on the maintenance wizard and intelligent help from the device. 

•    Extremely compact and energy-efficient unit with a very high thermal 

•    efficiency Constant flow 2.0 offering very precise balanced extraction and supply 

•    TFT touch screen display with a clear menu structure, including installation and maintenance wizards 

•    Convenient maintenance and a minimum of spare parts 

•    Siphon with ball included