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Ducting Install- Air Excellent

Air Excellent, green duct, Ventilation install

April 2020

Ventilation - Air Excellent




CVC Direct

The project:

A huge shoutout to the dedicated team at CVC Direct Ltd, based in Oxfordshire, for their exceptional installations of the Ubbink Air Excellent system.

The Air Excellent air distribution system employs a radial distribution design, utilising semi-rigid ductwork to effectively circulate air for central mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery in both domestic and small commercial structures. These duct runs boast ease of manipulation, allowing for simple cutting and bending around obstructions. Their mechanical connections ensure a cleaner, more consistent installation quality.

Furthermore, our comprehensive range of accessories enables seamless airtight connections without the need for tapes or adhesives. Whether fixing the semi-rigid duct to the floor, suspending it from ceilings, navigating shallow bends around obstacles, or executing sharp horizontal and vertical turns, our system offers versatility and reliability for diverse installation needs.

Features and benefits of the Air Excellent system:

  • Healthy air in every room by smart distribution.
  • Continuous duct runs with mechanical connections at either end also mean less air leakage.
  • Ease of installation
  • Cross-talk between rooms is reduced to an absolute minimum using mass flow ductwork and a silencer.
  • Sustain a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. 
  • Radial air distribution system
  • Antimicrobial layer
  • Design valves 
  • The Air Excellent system comes with an online commissioning tool.