Project in Cwrt Canna.

On behalf of CVC Direct Ltd.


September 2020 

Ventilation - Air Excellent 


Cwrt Canna


CVC Direct

The Project: 

This project was executed in collaboration with CVC Direct, in partnership with Canna Development for Newyd Housing, encompassing the construction of 13 new homes. These residences represent a significant addition of low-energy dwellings to the area, featuring Brink Passivhaus certified units coupled with Ubbink semi-rigid ducting.

The adoption of our semi-rigid ductwork offers numerous advantages. Its radial design ensures lower pressure loss compared to conventional systems, while also guaranteeing long-term airtightness. The ducting, supplied in a roll, facilitates easy cutting and maintains cleanliness throughout installation, allowing for flexible maneuvering around obstacles.

Moreover, with the utilisation of our configuration tool and airflow restrictor rings, the commissioning process is expedited, ensuring a quick, high-quality, and consistent outcome. The material is also characterized by its non-migration of harmful substances, as well as possessing anti-static and antibacterial properties, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Air Excellent is one part of our Roof to Room solution

Ventilation is the key to a healthy indoor climate. Better insulation and airtight construction are good for energy saving, but fresh air supply and extraction of stale and moist air are essential for a healthy living environment. From design to implementation, we help our customers to create comfortable and healthy homes.

Smart and complete.

There is a full set of accessories available to make any installation possible, including mixing circular and semi-circular ductwork. We know that every market and every situation is different. And that’s why we have been developing a system that will always work.