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Ubiflex Finio: The Ultimate Problem Solver

Ubiflex, non lead flashing, roofing with solar

May 2024

Ubiflex Finio

Lovell Homes, Northwich


Swindells Roofing & Solar Limited

Regional Manager at Ubbink:

Gary Bottomley

Ubbink was excited to play a pivotal role in upgrading the non-lead flashing utilised in the solar installation for this 151-home project. This development will showcase a blend of two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes, catering to the market demand. With the integration of solar technology, not only does it enhance water resistance, but it also aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

"Product is easy to work with! The benefits of having the tear off system on the back allows the solar installers to install first, leaving the roofers to dress the flashing when completing the roof"
full self adhesive- Non lead flashing install with solar
Solar roofing install with non lead replacement

The Project:

Gary Bottomley, RSM for the Midlands, collaborated closely with Scott and the team to resolve their challenges with an alternative product. The task at hand involved ensuring the solar solution was both effective and watertight. In response, Ubiflex Finio emerged as the solution. Its double-backed system with full adhesion, ensured the seamless integration of solar panels while ensuring flexibility for future adjustments. This innovation allows installers to apply the Finio initially and easily remove the backing when necessary, offering convenience and reliability.

Scott found the replacement to be an impeccable problem solver, bringing him great satisfaction. It's now deployed across 11 other sites in the northwest, with the Lovell site in Northwich standing out as the largest, boasting a 151-unit, 5-phase development. Scott told Gary "Finio is a great product and solved an install solution, we wanted something durable with quality"

Ubiflex Finio: 

The quality of the roof often determines the quality of the building and its waterproofing is a key component. Roofs do more than just keep a building dry; they are also used to terminate ductwork systems, bring more daylight into the building, generate renewable energy, etc, and their increasing complexity demands innovative waterproofing solutions. 

This is where Ubiflex Finio can play a vital role; its light weight, extremely malleable and its unique double adhesion means an easy, quick and durable solution. It can be dressed at temperatures as low as 5°C and it sticks to most materials

Why buy Ubiflex Finio?

  • Lightweight
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Adhesion to most materials
  • Double adhesion for high-performance and durability
  • Quick adhesion during installation with its butyl strips
  • Long-term adhesion with its adhesive back
  • Can be stretched in both directions
  • Vulcanises
  • Environmentally friendly; non-toxic and recyclable
  • Available in 2 colours

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