Ubbink announces zero carbon insulated mass flow ductwork Aerfoam

Ubbink announces the availability of a new range of insulated mass flow ductwork called Aerfoam. Aerfoam will contribute to CO2 emission reduction by offering a zero carbon footprint.
Aerfoam.jpgAerfoam is new and renowned at the same time. Its outer appearance underlines its familiarity and confirms its market standards for simple and aesthetic ductwork installations. Aerfoam is the latest version of the popular range of Ubbink’s insulated ductwork system that now has a zero carbon footprint. Wilma Haanappel, Director of Product Management for Ubbink explains: “the core of the sustainability enhancement is found in the usage of bio-based resources instead of fossil resources, where 62.8 kg CO2/m³ emission was reduced to zero”. “With Aerfoam, Ubbink continues to build the market standard for rustproof, airtight and easy to install ductwork systems,” said Haanappel. “The Aerfoam insulated ductwork system is an important step to realizing our ambition to become a circular brand”

Climate protection is a constant process implementing measures to ensure a better future. Ubbink’s products and manufacturing processes are constantly being optimized.

To learn more about Aerfoam, go visit the page.