Ubbink is BIM ready!

BIM stands for: Building Information Model. BIM is an integrated process to digitally explore the most important physical and functional characteristics of a project. It is a virtual building process in which work is carried out according to a specific methodology. It puts all the necessary information from all the construction partners in the building project in one place. With BIM, you create a digital prototype of the building project - before you actually start building.

First, a brief summary of what BIM can do for you.

By designing a building and it's installations in advance in 3D, you can minimise errors during construction, predict the performance of the building and visualise the consequences of changes in the design. In theory, you could thus configure a faultless building. This is how you prevent failure costs. It is also much more efficient if the architect, contractor and installer work in the same digital model. That way, the model only has to be set up once. More and more medium-sized and large companies in the construction industry are using it. And smaller companies can, for example, outsource it via the wholesaler.


Ubbink is BIM ready.

As a manufacturer, we have now reached the point where all of Ubbink's hard-core products are BIM-ready. Engineers can easily add our products to their digital BIM model via MEPcontent. Various complete systems by Ubbink are also available in the BIM library. Such as our Air Excellent air distribution system. This makes it easier for you as an engineer to put together individual components. It gives you the certainty that the components fit together and that they have also been tested.

Designing your air distribution system in 3D will avoid ugly surprises and wasting valuable time on-site. BIM files also offers the opportunity to commission the ventilation system easily and quickly off-site!


How to use Ubbink BIM files?

Ubbink’s BIM (.rfa and .ifc) files are available on the MEP Content platform. From there, you can freely download and use them.

  1. Go to the MEP Content platform
  2. Click on "Register" and follow the instructions
  3. You now have access to the files. You can select one or more by clicking on the checkboxes and download them thanks to the button at the bottom of the page
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