Smart home energy made easy

Smart home energy made easy

As experienced professionals in the construction and installation industry, you understand the challenges of modern energy management. Lengthy installation times, complex systems and customers with high expectations. What if there would be a solution that deals with all your challenges?

For over 125 years we have been providing you with innovations and smart solutions, and now we are following you into the world of renewable energy. Discover the Ubbink smart home, where sustainable energy and energy management is hassle-free. With solutions that are easy to install, easy to use, and by setting a new standard in safety measures.
We combine our focus on smart solutions and commitment to quality with advanced energy management technology.
Together, let's build a smarter, greener future.

The Ubbink Battery Energy Storage System

BESS system

We set a new standard in ease of use and safety with our stackable, plug-and-play solution, seamlessly integrating a battery and inverter. It's easy to install and expand, saving you time by eliminating the need for separate inverter installation. This flexibility allows for easy installation of various capacities.

Our solution also excels in reliability and safety, featuring a triple layer of security measures, making it the safest system on the market.

With this battery storage system, you can maintain a reliable energy supply throughout the year, even during periods without sunlight. When paired with a photovoltaic system, it significantly boosts energy self-sufficiency and makes a substantial contribution to the energy transition.

In essence, our Battery Energy Storage System empowers house owners to take control of their energy usage, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.

BESS in garage

Welcome to the future of energy management

Thanks to the innovative core of our storage systems, you gain complete control in a single app and benefit from intelligent automation of your energy management.

This advanced system is designed to be future-proof - it not only optimizes your own consumption, but also prepares you for future developments such as dynamic feed-in tariffs to take your energy management to a new level.

Discover all the technical details

We know you want to understand all the details of this revolution in energy management. We've got you covered. Download our technical datasheet or quick guide to learn all the specifications of our Ubbink Battery Energy Storage System.

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