Terminals and seals

Terminals are a critical component of mechanical ventilation and heat pump systems. Not only must they offer the least possible resistance to air being supplied to and extracted from the building to minimise fan energy use and sound production, they must also be waterproof. Ubbink offers high-performance, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing roof terminals with waterproofing for all roof types and coverings.

  • Suitable for nearly all roof coverings and pitches
  • Low pressure drop, which minimises fan energy use and sound production
  • Wide range of diameters and colours
  • Insulated or uninsulated
  • REACH compliant

Ubbink roof terminals components

Ubbink roof terminals have 3 components:
  • a terminal (a duct with a cap)
  • waterproofing, which depends upon the roof covering and pitch
  • a wall bracket to keep the terminal vertical
  • Pitched tiled roofs: rain collar & universal flashing or tile profile
  • Pitched metal roofs: Flexub waterproofing kit
  • Low pitch roofs: rain collar & flange
  • Flat roofs: flange only

Terminals and seals

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