Air Excellent

Air Excellent

A high-performance ventilation ductwork system.

A ventilation ductwork system will distribute air for central, mechanical ventilation units installed in well-insulated and airtight dwellings by supplying fresh, clean air to the habitable rooms and/or extracting stale, moist air from wet the rooms.

A high-performance ventilation ductwork system will help these central, mechanical ventilation units perform just as well as their manufacturers claim they will once installed and they have the following characteristics:

  • Low air velocity to minimise sound production and noise hindrance
  • Low system pressure loss to minimise fan energy use, sound production and noise hindrance
  • Air-tight to minimise fan energy use, sound production and and noise hindrance
  • Insulated (if necessary) to minimise energy transfer/loss and the risk of condensation on or inside the duct
  • Minimal transfer of sound/noise between rooms
  • Easy, quick, safe and clean installation
  • Commissioned correctly
  • Healthy and safe
  • Easy to clean

Ubbink’s high performance air distribution system ‘Air Excellent’ ticks all of the above boxes as has been independently tested and certified by the well-renowned German test institutes; TUV-Sud and ISEGA. It uses modular distribution boxes and semi-rigid/bendable ducts with airtight, mechanical connections to do this at minimal system pressure loss, which in turn minimises fan energy use, sound production and noise hindrance. This well-engineered air distribution system is so easy, quick and safe to install that even inexperienced installers can do it and still deliver its high performance.

A smart and complete solution.

Air Excellent has 3 circular and 3 semi-circular duct types. The circular ducts are easier and quicker to install, but their semi-circular equivalents solve problems of limited space, e.g. in walls or screed floors. The ducts’ names are derived from the capacity of the duct at an air velocity of 3 m/s, which we believe should be the maximum air velocity inside ductwork in a duct inside a dwelling to minimise sound production and noise hindrance. C = circular and SC = semi-circular. 

  • AE23C (63/50mm)
  • AE34C (75/63mm) and AE35SC (100x50mm)
  • AE48C (90/75mm) and AE45SC (140x50mm)
  • AE55SC (130x60mm)

An easy to design and install system.

High-performance ductwork systems depend upon on a number of design principles and construction factors because the optimal design and ideal spaces for ductwork may become inaccessible after construction has been completed. Therefore, ductwork system design should be considered at a very early stage so that the builder and HVAC installer can collaborate. Designing buildings and ventilation ductwork systems in 3D will help mitigate most risks; ugly surprises and amendments on-site. Ubbink provides you with Air Excellent’s BIM files.


A smart distribution for healthy air in every room.

All ventilation ductwork systems should be commissioned properly to deliver the design/hygienic flow rates in the habitable and wet rooms. Traditionally, this is done by measuring the flow rates at the valves in the habitable and wet rooms and adjusting their setting accordingly. This may sound easy, but it requires an experienced installer with a correct and calibrated instrument and typically takes 1-1.5 hours. Commissioning can be simplified for inexperienced installers and speeded-up by using Air Excellent’s airflow restrictors inside its distribution boxes. The Air Excellent commissioning tool will calculate the air distribution system’s pressure loss and how many rings to cut out of each air restrictor to achieve the design/hygienic flow rates and it typically takes 15 minutes to install.

A universal air distribution system.

Air Excellent is a universal air distribution system. It can be used with nearly every central, mechanical ventilation unit in nearly every residential building and construction type; from single-family houses to multi-family buildings, from concrete to timber frame, from prefab to onsite construction.

Air Excellent is just one component of a residential ventilation ductwork system and can be combined with Ubbink’s other premium brands:

  • Ventus; Ubbink’s high performance roof terminal
  • Aerfoam; Ubbink’s high performance insulated mass flow ductwork system
  • Haelix; Ubbink’s high performance design valve

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